The Holy Spirit In Christian Living

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There are some religions that are heavy into teaching that the Holy Spirit is mostly a "tongue speaking" phenomenon, such as the Untited Pentecostal Church.
In fact, the only reason that "tongues" was ever a gift was because of all the different nationalities gathered together at pentecost in Acts Chapter 2. When Peter and the disciples spoke, every man understood them in their own language. Truly a useful and remarkable miracle at that time!
Gradually though, this has evolved into people speaking gibberish yet claiming it to be something special from the Holy "Ghost" as "tongues". Maybe not everyone falls into this delusion, but go into a UPC church sometime and listen to it and judge for yourself :)
So to answer your question, no. When you receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ (for He is the ONLY Holy Spirit!), you won't speak in tongues. Not unless you were amongst other nationalities and the Spirit of Christ wanted you to speak to them in their own language.
As far as gifts, you want to pray for the best gifts, (1 Cor 12:31), such as prophecy (speaking forth the Word like a fountain! :) Don't ask for tongues, for it doesn't do anyone else any good unless someone is around to interpret (1 Cor 14:5).

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