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Yes and unfortunately most doctors don't agree. My wife has MCS along with CFS.

Check this page for useful info. The CoQ10 is awesome for athritis but only last about 6 hours- it can actually take severe pain away and now I see it reccomended for CFSyndrome.
Much love and prayer in Christ, Larry.

Thanks again to you both! Sadly having been CFS people since we were about 7 or 8 we've been there, done that. So Beloved has tried CoQ10 and it didn't work (we've said those words a lot in our lives...)

Our bodies are so damaged by now (e.g., I cannot have an operation of any kind cos I'm in such a state that I wouldn't survive) that all doctors can do is try and treat our many symptoms, to give us some relief as we wait for God to heal us (or if it should be that I have that wrong, until we go to meet our Jesus).
CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME - for those who do not know!

Because CFS is so dreadful, and so unbelievably different from all other diseases that no one can ever understand what it's like for sufferers, I've put up the most amazing and superb explanation we've ever read of EXACTLY what life is like for us HERE.

Even if you just read the first bits it will help your UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION no end for sufferers of this awful disease. And after all, we Christians need to be understanding and compassionate, right!

THEN... if you're game enough to read it all, *grin* I can tell you that Kathleen's brilliant 'fun' Story will stun and shock you, and you'll find yourself asking 'is it POSSIBLE for one person to experience ALL THIS?' Yes, it is!! - her story is so accurate that between us my wife and I have/experience virtually ALL of the things she's written! (AND THAT'S WHY I ALWAYS SEEM TO BE RABBITING ON ABOUT HOW DANG-NABBIT ILL WE ARE!! *grrr!!* - when my strong preference would be not to need to ever say anything!)

Blessings to all, and esp. any CFS people and their rellies (we feel for you!!)

- BM and his Lady


I have a friend that is a nanny and one of the children she nannies for has brain cancer - this baby is 20 months old. I can't give more details because to be honest she asked that this not be shared on other forums - but I felt like I HAD to get prayers going for this baby.

Thank you

Am praying for this baby:groupray:
Happy Birthday to Amanda!!

Will be praying for the baby.
Wow! I took a look at the thingy about CFS. I had no idea what all was involved! Good thing our Lord is in the miracle business, huh?
Hi everyone... sorry i havent been really contributing much to this forum at fact i have hardly been giving... only taking!... i can only offer my prayers for BM and Mrs BM and that baby will be on my list as well!

i ll be going to Port Dickson, 2 hours drive from where i stay at hostel. currently im on internship with an NGO, and i ll be going with my boss to meet other international NGO people. im scared. firstly, scared because everyone is new to me. then theres the part where i have to share the love of Christ. im scared that the Lord will not give me the divine appointment like i ve asked: allocate a specific someone whom i can share His love with. i dont noe.. its not like i dont trust Him. i dont trust my response when it comes to the opportunity to share my testimony with someone. yesterday, my boss asked me why i go to church and get so involved into traditional Christian culture when both my parents dont. and i kinda clammed up, because i knew it was time to share my testimony but i was too scared... sighh.... anyways, please pray for me as well. i need prayer.
Wow! I took a look at the thingy about CFS. I had no idea what all was involved! Good thing our Lord is in the miracle business, huh?

BM, I'll be praying too. :)

Fluffy, yes indeed, it really is a 'mongrel' thing! But hey I TRUST GOD!!! (the only way to go!)

Jeff, thanks so much for prayer!

(I owe both you guys a PM so will go and do that now! *marches purposefully off towards the PM Dept!*) (Hmm... I probly shouldn't mention that he then trips on one of his crutches on the way and falls flat on his face! *hehe!* :):):))
Been thinking about ya! Good to hear from you!
Hey, dont worry. Another opportunity to talk to him will come up. He sees you walking the talk and that you are different from the other people he deals with. It will come up again. Remember those times you spoke to your friends about your testimony. The Holy Spirit did a mighty work in you then, He will do it again.

Joyce Meyers one time said "Do it afraid".
I'm thrilled that you have had so many opportunities to share! I havent been given much that way. sigh.
In time! In time!
Rebekah, yes!! The more you STRESS about what you have to do (witness for Him), the more you will CLAM UP and get little or nothing said! Am I right?

So what's the secret? First, to RELAX and not stress. You are trying too hard, sweetie. I was the same. And it took me years and years to get over this. But you can do it in far less time than me, cos we are here to help and support you, okay!

Second is to TRUST. It's GOD Who gets people converted to Jesus, isn't it? I mean, what can I do? Well, not much actually! When you learn to trust the Lord for this (which also took me years and years to learn!), then things can start to happen. But without faith and trustfulness, what WILL happen? Well, round about NOTHING!!

And here's the other secret. When I learn to RELAX and TRUST, this takes the focus off ME and puts it onto the LORD. ALL of us are focussed on ourselves. God has this truly MAMMOTH task to get the focus of our heart and life onto Him. But we can HELP Him with this, and the way to do this is to learn to: TRUST, RELAX, and don't try so hard!

Finally, you have nothing to prove to:

.. God
.. to yourself
.. to us
.. or to others!

We do NOT have to DO stuff in order to please God! For most of it it's WHO WE ARE that counts, rather than WHAT WE DO. That is, the person I AM is exactly what makes what I DO pleasing to Him (seldom works the other way round). In fact the Bible says that OUT OF A GOOD HEART GOOD THINGS FLOW! So it's our HEART and WHO WE ARE that we gotta work on first - NOT what we think we gotta DO!!! Start doing the first of those ... and in time the second will start to flow out of it!

Whoa, that's a big one! Start to learn that, and your life is gonna begin to change - for the better!!

Bless you heaps, hon! (and relax!!) :D

- BM and his Mrs
Its National Friendship Week here in the states, Ya'll give your friend a hug!

Blankgirl, I found this for you!



When was the last time you felt discouraged? Maybe you're feeling discouraged right now (cos life on this planet ain't easy). Let's try and change your discouragement for encouragement? - here's some amazing news that few seem to realise: YOU ARE A SAINT OF GOD!

Saint Alison. Saint Laurie. Saint Karen. Saint Noel. Hey, we're all saints!!! Before you think I've totally lost my marbles, let me explain, so that we can grab this wonderful fact - true for each one of us.


First, there were saints in OT times! When Jesus died on the cross a number of amazing things happened, e.g.

Matthew Ch 27
52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of saints who slept were raised...

Old Testament men and women, long since dead, were raised up - and the Bible calls them SAINTS!!!


Secondly, we - that is, every person who has ever trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ - have been called SAINTS! And that's starting in Acts and in almost every book of the New Testament through to Revelation! Does that surprise you?

You see we need to FULLY follow the Bible as God's true and perfect Word!! NOT to be conformed to what the world says or thinks, NOR to any other teaching that is not in full accord with this Word of our God.


There are dozens of verses that call us Believers SAINTS of God, e.g., Paul greeting the church at Corinth:

1 Corinthians Ch 1
2 To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be SAINTS, with all who in every place call on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours:

So all who call upon the name of Jesus are SAINTS!!! You are a SAINT! I am a SAINT!


Also in the verse above is the word sanctified, which simply means "to be set apart for some special purpose". What purpose?? - A SAINT is simply someone God has called and appointed to be HIS man, his woman!!! Can you handle that? I sure can!! You are a saint of the living God right now. Wow, what an amazing HONOUR!

I just love all of this. *excited* And to make absolutely CERTAIN that we "get this" there's an unbreakable connection between these three Scriptural words:

.. saint
.. sanctify/sanctified, and
.. HOLY!!!


We've previously talked about being righteous and holy. That's His will for us. Well, this is amazing. The New Testament is written in Greek, and the root word that ALL the above words come from IS THE SAME ONE: hagos!!!! Thus we can be certain of the unbreakable connection between being a SAINT, being SANCTIFIED, and being HOLY. Man, that all totally blows my brain!!


We're ALREADY SAINTS - and it's GOD Who calls us this.
So let's live as who we are, and not contradict Him, eh!


1. The New Testament says that we are all SAINTS, called by our God to be His chosen set apart ones. (HE chose me; HE chose you! WOW!!)

2. We're also called to be SANCTIFIED, i.e., to be living more and more as His people, living HIS way, living as HE wants.

3. We are to be HOLY (and righteous: living the RIGHT way) - once again set apart for our Lord and God.

Bless as all, together, as we live as SAINTS of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords to Whom we belong!!!

- BM and his Lady

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