The Joseph Syndrome

If you have been a Christian for a while, I’m sure you are familiar with the story of Joseph in the bible- his brothers tried to kill him because they believed he would rule them and they were jealous. Little did they know that God was sending Joseph ahead of them to preserve them. In fact, I believe that God showed more love to Joseph’s brothers than to Joseph because when God made Joseph go through all that he went through, he had the entire house of Jacob (Joseph’s family in mind).

But just like in bible times, people of the world always try to eradicate their Josephs- the very people God ordained to bring them out of famine. Rather than see the prosperity of such people as being for the good of all, they are envious and try to eliminate them. This character is of the devil.

As a child of God, learn to celebrate other people’s progress. Never be envious! Whenever someone you consider yourself to be better than is put in charge of a group to which you belong. Do not try to embarrass him or her. Rather, strengthen the team by putting in your best to support the leadership of the team. This is the way of the Kingdom. GET MORE FROM US ON BBM CHANNEL JOIN DAILY DEVOTIONALS THIS OUR CHANNEL PIN C004502AA