The Kingdom Of God


Thats that saying the rule of this world and those who rule it or now into the rule of our Lord Calvin

Every time kingdom is use the female noun, it'd not a physical place. Why the word was translated kingdoms is a mystery.


So not everyone agrees there will be a future Kingdom (for a time) on earth...are the Kingdom of Christ, the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven different in any ways?

Kingdom of Heaven is a actual place. (Reign in Heaven) Kingdom of God means (Reign with God)

Jesus said, they rule and reign come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Now if you want to make the Kingdom talked about into a Male Noun to denote a place, then Kingdom on earth, Kingdom of Christ, Kingdom of Heaven is all under the same rule of the King and the believers under the King who rule with.

Kingdom just means "rule of God, with God" "literally- Where the King has rule" It's not a place. The rule of God can be in us and we do his will for example.
With Jesus literally, physically here on Earth ruling for 1000 years, what happens to any children born during that time?
For me, the sums don't all add up.
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