The law and grace in action and applied .


I once was talking to a Moslem who suddenly accused Jesus of breaking the law . I had no idea where he was going to go with this .Nor how to answer him. Save that I knew one thing only . So I said the one thing I knew. No he did not .
Once I said that I found something else to say. What made him think he did . I still did not know where he was going to go with this or how I would answer him.
He pointed to the incidence of the woman caught in adultery .
I have found one thing certain and true . if you seek the glory of Him who sent you and thus as it were defend Christ or His righteousness .He will in turn give you the wherewith all to do so ;and so it was .
This is what I received .

Not in a vacuum but in consequence of reading and meditating on the account often but not understanding much . The story does not actually begin at John chapter 8 verse 1 . For although chapter and verse is very helpful in locating and in study ;we should not be so rigid in our thinking as to think that is always a new beginning as it were of another situation. Just before the end of chapter 7.We read "every one went to his own home " But Jesus went "up the mountain to pray " He was always prepared for what the next day would bring or he had to face .We are not always so. he was always shod with the preparation of the gospel and we would be able to better face a days challenges if we did not always head straight to bed . But spent some time before Our Father for the day ahead.
He was up early teaching in the temple . It is the devout who are up early "in the morning will I direct my prayer...." and it those people who are more willing to listen than those who get up later .
While he was teaching in the temple .The pharasses came and brought a woman with them and set her in the midst .
Let us look first at the Pharasees . They were not seeking righteous judgement nor desiring help in this case before them. Their motive the scripture says was to snare Christ in His own words by this woman caught in "the very act " of adultery . It was early morning. How long had they known of this adultery that they could catch her in the very act in early morning? People who are on a self righteous cause always use the law for their own convenience .
But actually the law says that BOTH the man and the woman should be stoned to death. Where then was the man? For if caught in the very act then both were present. They let him go . Why perhaps because they were all men and it is far harder for a man to judge and condemn another man and easier to judge and condemn a woman . I would suggest that the opposite is true also . Though perhaps an honest woman will tell it like it is . is this idle conjecture? Not really . "For what knoweth the things of man save the spirit that is in man.........."?
Now if you compare " Joseph who being a just man"when he had found out that his future wife was pregnant "he sought to put her away privately " With these men . Do you think they would have gone discreetly to Jesus by some side lane to the Temple or down then main high street in all their pomp bringing a half naked women with them. Not naked but covered up for 'decency sake' but not so much as to excite a crowd . and thus they would have had some where in the back ground the backing of a crowd .
By the time they got to the temple they were sure that this time they had Him . For he had declared that he came to fullfill the law not do away with it .But also to not condemn the world but that through him it might be saved .
In any teaching situation what is needed is a quiet and concentrated atmosphere and no interuptions to any ones train of thought . If some one wants to interrupt then they should wait till a natural break or pause came where they could indicate their presence. .Did they do that ?I very much doubt it .But would have just walked in and set her in the midst and demanded but 'humbly' that Jesus answer the question .
This woman was caught in the very act of adultery .The law of Moses says she should be stoned to death .What say you?
We are no debtor to the flesh . and Jesus was certainly not and therefore did not feel compelled to do their will in their time table and in their way . So he knelt or bent down and wrote with his finger in the ground or dust as if he had not heard them.
Some say he wrote out a list of sins he knew they had committed .This cannot be so .For it si the devil who is the accuser of the brethren . and it was his brethren that was before him .After the flesh as it were.
I will not presume to say what He wrote .
But what is certain was he gave both the accusers and the accused TIME .
Time to consider why they were there and what had brought them there .
or in other words he gave all of them time to "consider their ways"
For the sake of a perfect argument .You might also say He gave himself time to think and consider his answer . he always knew why he was there and why .
When faced with impossible demands and questions by the world we should not conform to the world nor try and do its will .But take time to consider why we are in the world who sent us and where we are going .And " lacking wisdom ask God for it doubting not......" For God does not deal with us according to our lack .But according to His abundant provision that we have access to in and through the Lord Jesus Christ through the Spirit.

to be continued ........

in Christ