The Nature Of God

Force is a non-matter entity that influences objects in its field. There are different forces in the universe. Gravitational force is one of them. Nature is another force. Nature works in a more complex way than any other force. It is responsible for the life cycles of living objects. It also has creative and regenerative capabilities. Our life is also a force that keeps our body alive as a unit and is responsible for directing the building of our body from a one cell being to a fully formed being. God similarly is a force. He is the ultimate force which created all other forces and through them created the Universe. We do not see these forces, because they are not matter; however we do experience them. We experience God through his creation and through the spirit of love we experience around us.
Since we are created by God, our basic nature, though it has been corrupted by sin, does reflect his nature. If we look deep in our heart, we realize that we find complete peace only in unconditional love. This is a clear indication that God’s nature is unconditional love. We get a confirmation of this fact if we believe that Jesus is God; because in Jesus we can see a God of infinite love and mercy, who humbled himself to take a human form and accepted the most painful death and humiliation in order to bring peace and joy to those who sinned against him. Furthermore, during his most painful death he forgave his executioners, and was concerned about the suffering our sin would cause us rather his own pain and suffering. God as a force, therefore, is not merely involved with creation. His very nature is love; and he constantly persuades us to choose the path of love.


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I hate to nitpick, but you have an assortment of inaccuracies there.
Force is not an entity, entity is another word for being. A force is an energy field that has some effect upon matter or other energy fields.
Nature is a concept, you cannot go get a bucket of nature, and "nature" does not do anything, it is only a concept.
God is not a force, He is a being, an Omnipotent, Omniscient, spiritual being.

The last half is fine, but the first half would turn off any serious reader due to the errors.
Above all things God is Holy. Isaiah 6 3 and Revelation 4 8 state; "Holy, Holy, Holy, is The Lord Almighty". Holiness is the only attribute of God ever taken to the 3rd degree in the scriptures. You will read nowhere in the scriptures God is; Love, Love, Love, or Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Above all things God is unspeakably and unfathomably Holy.

In Exodus when Moses came down from Mount Sinai and there was a devision in the people. It wasn't God's Love that commanded the side of Moses and the Levites to slaughter the Pagan's which could possibly be their sister, brother, parents, children, best friend, it was God's Holiness.

And they did it without question...
Force? Hmmmm....well, physics begets chemistry which begets biology which begets physiology. So, I suppose a case could be made that our development from a single cell is driven by a "force" we call life. But it all has a bit of a new-agey ring to it.

God employs force, is the source of all forces, in fact, but He is a person, not a mere force, but I don't think that addresses the point you were getting at. Perhaps I John 4:7-12 encapsulates the message well.
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