The Next "Mass Prayer Gathering"

The Next "Mass Prayer Gathering"

Message concerning the next "Mass Prayer Gathering"

Greetings to you all!
Last week we held our first MPG for Haiti. It was a wonderful time and we were blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you to all who attended, we ask that you return to unite with us in prayer again.

At shorter notice than we would've liked, we have arranged an MPG for this Saturday. It will commence at 6pm EST (11pm GMT / 3pm PT).

Please feel free to unite with us. All involved will be lifting each other up in prayer. We all need to keep our spirit fed, and gathering in prayer with your brothers and sisters is a great way of doing it!

Please note: Everybody is invited to take part, including our regular guests and members of other sites. Registration is not required. A link will be posted on the day, before every MPG, allowing guests to enter our live chat room.

God bless
Hello CFS!

I just wanted to extinguish any confusion for this MPG. On this occasion we will all be praying for each other; lifting each other - brothers and sisters in Christ - in prayer. Praising the Lord for answering our prayers and keeping us all together in the Word. It's basically a Spirit building event for all to join.

Please remember: You do not need to register with us to access the live chat rooms for any MPG. All are welcome simply by clicking on the link (displayed below the countdown timer some hours before the event commences) and entering both your first and last names. No password is required for MPG.

If you want to feel the Holy Spirit working amongst you then unite with us this Saturday at 6pm EST.

Stay close to Christ

Blessings to all,

We are in count down to the next "Mass Prayer Gathering." The first one was awesome!!! And, I hope to see you at this one. Please refer to post # 1 for the time. We know that God answered our prayers for the people in Haiti and we are lifting each other up for this one. So, if anyone needs to be lifted in prayer in the Mass Prayer Gathering, come and join us.

Hope to see you all there,

God bless,

Blessings to all,

The next "Mass Prayer Gathering" will be held Saturday. Please review post # 1 for details. You do not have to be a member to join in the Mass Prayer as this will be held in the Chat Room of the site. So, join us as we lift one another up to God in prayer.


It's less than 24 hours until the "Lifting Each Other In Prayer" MPG commences. If you want to unite with us - and you're not a member of - then the following link will allow you to enter our live Chat as a guest:

Please note: The above link will be live approximately 1 hour before MPG commences (approx 5pm EST). All guests must enter both their first and last names to avoid conflicting guest names - use a pseudonym if you don't want to display your real name.

Stay close to Christ