The Nines

The Nines

8/10 gummy bears

I watched a disturbing movie last night, and I wish I could take it back...the way I wish I could take back that I ever read Davinci Code? This movie is called The Nines.

Supposedly, humans are 8's. Chimps are 7's. Koala bears are 6's, and they control the weather. God is a 10, perfect from all angles. But in between humans and God (in the movie...let me stress that's a race of interdimensional beings known as The Nines.

This movie star Ryan Reynolds as the main character, who is experiencing puzzling events in his life. Everywhere he looks, he sees the number 9. When he rolls a pair of dice, it comes up as 9. A telephone number turns out to be 999. Statistically, you can encounter the number 9 one in every ten times. But Ryan is encountering it 10 out of 10.

The movie is slow-moving, but for some reason it got my interest. It deals with actors and writers, producers and video game designers. Supposedly, people who create their own little worlds where, they say in the movie, they are god. What they say goes in their own little worlds.

The Nines come from a region that is warm and full of light - indescribable using human words or thoughts. Several members of this "race" come to this world to intervene, because one of their members has created a reality for himself and has become addicted to it...much like a person would become addicted to crack or video games.

The main character realizes that he is a 9. He has, he says, destroyed billions of people with just a thought. This reality is only real because he thought it into existence. He could think it out again if he wanted to, because he knows that he has to leave it to return to his own world.

When the credits rolled up on this movie, I was angry. How dare they, I thought. Nines!? On a scale of 1-10, God only ranks as a 10??? They should have given Him at least a zillion. Or a Zillion.

Anyway, the movie was entertaining in a slow, drip-water effect. That's all I intended it for, entertainment.

That's all it ever will be.:)