The Only Source Of Peace

Peace is a state in which we are free of anxiety, fear, hate, lust, envy and revenge. We reach this state by opening our heart to the spirit of love that is within us. Love is the Spirit of God which is pure, selfless, sacrificial and merciful. Love does not seek its own interest over others. It is always in pursuit to bring peace and joy to others. It will therefore sacrifice its own interest to serve others (including those who hurt and betray it). Furthermore, love is a one way street. It will therefore serve others without expecting anything in return; and will find the opportunity to serve others as participation in God’s work and a gift from God. Love will serve others even though it involves accepting pain, suffering and sometimes even death. Because love is selfless love is humble and charitable. It therefore brings us peace by freeing us from hate, envy, revenge, fear, anxiety and lust. Love always has hope; because God is love and love is eternal. Love makes us humble and humility brings us simplicity and simplicity brings us wisdom. Wisdom is to know reality. True love is unconditional, it therefore never dies and it is priceless. It is therefore the only reality. Wisdom therefore, is to know that love is the only way to peace because only love can overcome hate and evil. Furthermore the peace it brings is lasting because it is achieved by changing hearts