The Palm and the Clover

The Palm and the Clover

I was watching Pastor Arnold Murray this morning and he got a letter that said: There's an old saying that when the clover meets the palm, the end has come.

This year, Palm Sunday was on the 16th. St. Patrick's Day was on the 17th. The palm met the clover!:eek:

Pastor Murray seemed so tickled by this, he chuckled...but he didn't answer. He just said: "I never thought of that!" and moved on.

So. What does it mean? Is this biblical?



That's interesting but I think it's random.
I have never heard of it and can't find anything in the Bible.

Is that anything like "beware the ides of March" (March 15)? It's the day Julius Caeser was supposedly warned about, and killed on....Fiction!
Mmmkay, thanks gals!:)

I just never saw Pastor Murray do that before, chuckle and say "I never thought about that!" and then put the letter aside and move on to the next.

I know about the palms leaves, laying them down...and that St. Patrick's Day was right after Palm Sunday. But I'd never heard of the "old saying" either: When the palm meets the clover, the end comes."

Maybe it's something the old folks say? *shrugs*

But thank you! I appreciate your replies.:D


St Patrick's day was cancelled this year. Seriously.

As the feast day fell in Holy week, it was removed from the Liturgical calendar. Any celebration was tolerated, but on the Saturday before Passion Sunday.

So hopefully that removes any issues :)