The Perfect Present

The perfect present doesn’t come in a box
It doesn’t come all wrapped up in paper
It doesn’t even come wrapped in foil

The perfect present doesn’t come with directions
It doesn’t come with a 10-page manual or an instruction booklet
It doesn’t come with a video screen, or a computer chip
And it doesn’t come with batteries

The perfect present doesn’t come with extra pieces
It doesn’t come in textures or tones or sizes
There is nothing to try on or fit
And it doesn’t come with a key

The perfect present isn’t accompanied by rings
It doesn’t jingle and it doesn’t clang
It doesn’t glitter or gleam, and isn’t attached to bling bling

The perfect present doesn’t even come with a ribbon
Not a red one, not a green one, not a blue one, not a one…

The perfect present has no scent or aroma
But it does have a sweet smell of sacrifice

The perfect present came as a little baby,
Breathed of the Holy Ghost, and born of a virgin
Birthed in a lonely manger, surrounded by animals
Wrapped in swaddling clothes.

The perfect present left heaven above, came down to earth,
Lived like a servant, died like a sinner,
And was raised to life by God as a King.

The perfect present comes with a gift.
His name... Jesus.
His gift… Eternal life.

And while this may not come with a bow, I hear it rewards the receiver with streets paved of pure gold… (Rev. 21:20-22)

Be blessed.
Sis. E

Copyright 2006