The Pope, Locusts, Sinkholes, & Economic Collapse Oh My....

I am always up for a good 'conspiracy theory' or ends times estimation; and yes I realize that throughout all time everyone has thought they lived in the "END TIMES". Considering the state of which 'Christianity' and the world economics and politics are in combined with the natural signs-I think we all ought to get on our knees and sincerely send some prayers up for the lost souls on this planet.

Tell someone about Jesus Christ today-'Today is the day of salvation', 'Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!'


Account Closed
I found it rather amusing that 3 of the top 10 contenders for the new Pope are named Peter.
For those not familiar with St. Malachy's prophecy the next Pope would be the last, named Peter the Roman, and would "guide the church during troublous times" , "troublous' being a synonym for "tribulation".

Some things that have happened in the last few years-

Our president has declared that he has the right to kill anyone anywhere for any reason, without judicial review
The rule of law has become a bad joke, worldwide, governments apply the laws as is convenient, not as written
The UN is positioning itself to be the One World Government, it has no bill of rights, and has stated that the freedom of speech laws are subject to review, freedom of ownership is gone, and that no one really has any rights that cannot be modifed at a whim
Our banks lie, cheat, and steal, while the various watchdog groups sit on their collective thumbs, in all this fraud not a single banker has been prosecuted

Everywhere you look some agency is doing something immoral and illegal and the governments smile and nod,
Everywhere you look innocent people are being persecuted and murdered

It's not just a USA thing either-it is a world domination scheme. Lots of countries are knee deep in UN Agenda 21 and the citizens are totally unaware. The US Military is the strong arm for the NWO through UN/ NATO operations. There are no more wars involving 2 countries-everything is an 'international' effort.

Oh Lord; thank you for your salvation, love, mercy and long suffering. Please remember your children my God. In Christ's name I ask that you open the eyes and hears of those that will learn the truth. Amen.