The Power of Prayer

Hi everyone,
About a year or so ago my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. Praise the Lord, that he had allowed me to lead her to salvation many years before. Within this last year her short-term memory had deteriorated to the degree that she could only recall anything up to 3 minutes before it was completely lost to her. Now I'm a prayer and I had been praying for a general healing as I believed that her diagnosis was a natural part of the aging process for some folk and I hoped that God may grant her a miracle and restore her memory. She continued to deteriorate even though I constantly prayed for her and nothing seemed to be working. The Holy Spirit kept prompting me about it and I discovered that one of the diseases associated with Dementia is Alzheimer's. These symptoms were consistent with her condition.
This made me very happy because I know that Jesus is our healer and he heals all our diseases. I hope that you understand what I am saying here...If it were just an aging process, okay fine...but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that in this was a disease!...and diseases are curable in the "Name of Jesus"

Whether he does so or not, is another thing entirely.

Let's face facts, Christians get ill and yes...they can die...we don't have all the answers but we know that our lives are in his hands whatever happens.
Anyway I began to pray in another way and with renewed hope! "Praise The Lord" her memory is beginning to return! She can now remember up to a few days and even a week. She said to me yesterday that her memory is returning and she is happy again...YAAAAY!!!

This has not been confirmed by a doctors report yet but if she continues to progress...that will be the next step.

Elohim Tov, Shav