The prostitution of Satan's powers

The prostitution of Satan's powers

Some protestant churches will ask upon membership request if Satan and his powers have been renounced. A person who isn't a believer belongs to the Devil. And because of this ownership by the Devil, those people have ready access to his powers. These powers are active and causing no end of troubles.

This one particular person at work can be explained. He defames me to anyone and everyone who might be inclined to be on my side or not against me. He has an inner, subconscious, knowledge of this power of his. He knows that if anyone he is using Satan's power against has anyone, or worst, many people, on their side, this power is diminished.

If God gives us, his children, those who are in faith in the Christ, any kind of powers, he certainly doesn't give those powers to cause harm or chaos or trouble. They would only be for building up the church. I don't believe a Christian has powers the way a non-Christian has them. The non-Christians don't actually have powers, they have ready access to those powers...from Satan. A Christian has God working for him/her. That's where their powers and strength are.

These forums are a Godsend for me because I can explain myself and make it known what is actually happening and people won't necessarily be against me. Some might even be inclined to be for me by praying for my strength, courage and well being and offering comforting spiritual support from God's word. There is one person I know of in a forum who has been a great comfort and encouragement to me by using God's word so helpfully.

This support I receive would severely trouble this particular person from work if he was aware of it because, although he has skillfully and deviously eliminated all support for me at work...nobody is on my side..., he can't eliminate a whole world of people beyond my work who might help and befriend me. He would try, of this I am certain but, most people would see through his Satanic schemes. Although he is very convincing, I don't believe he can get a true Christian to work against me. It could actually cause him to be flooded with prayers for his salvation. That would certainly terrify him, to actually be saved and rescued from Satan and his powers and to start loving people and working for their good instead of trying to use them as a ladder; seeing other people as means to an end and scheming how he may use them for his benefit. Or work to get rid of or run off whoever he may fear is against him.

I'm certainly not against him, only his evil.

That certainly is my continual prayer, that he be given repentance unto life and peace and glory in heaven. But first and importantly is my prayer that I will not be overcome with hatred but filled with love and peace for him and whoever hates me or wants my demise.
We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimonies and that we loved not our ( old) lives unto death- press on brother victory is assured!
Plenty of encouragement. Thank you :)

The encouragement isn't that the enemies get smitten, it is that I'm in his grace and mercy and all things will work out.
'Smitten' can mean influenced and in this case, influenced by God.
And you are right that our focus should be on God's protection over us more than the defeat of the enemy~
Yet we have to realize and accept God's victory, too!