The Race


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The Race

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7
There is much satisfaction in finishing something you have begun! The success of a race is determined not only by how well you begin but also by how well you end. Many athletes can begin a race impressively, but if they stumble or are injured or lack the stamina to finish, their good start is useless. Paul rejoiced that he had not only begun the race but he had also finished it. His prize was a robust faith in God and a life filled with God's powerful presence.
The Christian life is not easy. Some mistakenly assume that once they become children of God, their struggles are over. Many Christians begin their walk with Christ enthusiastically, but as the pressures mount, they lose heart and abandon their pilgrimage.
Paul described His Christian life as a battle. Ther were times when he struggled, and only through perseverance could he continue. It may surprise us to know that the great apostle had to struggle at times to be faithful to God. Paul faced persecution, misunderstanding, betrayal, and death threats. His Christian life was anything but easy, yet he persevered.
Your faith in God is not proven by beginning the race but by enduring to the finish. Publicly announcing your commitment to Christ in your church does not compare with a lifetime of devotion to His cause. Use Paul as your model. Live your life in such a way that you can one day conclude, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!"​
Henry T. & Richard Blackaby
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Amen . A good word for sure . It keeps us in check as we journey this pilgrim path . We are not alone . Christ is our eternal hope and our salvation . In Him we trust . He is our example as we look at His short life and what he accomplished in those short years , our focus should always be on Him .

And when we have fought the good fight and won the race my prayer is He will say " well done thou good and faithful servant ."



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Those are the words I want to hear as well...." well done thou good and faithful servant ."

oh how wonderful sis!

ur posts truly encourage and I am grateful to have them here!

I pray to GOD I will finish this race well and staying in HIS will.
One of my favorite songs has a chorus that goes

"Like Paul i'm ready, my departure at hand,
I've fought a good fight, and i've taken my stand,
I stood on a mountain, raise my sword high,
And i'm ready to be offered Lord just anytime".

Your post made me think of it and how powerful the words are, i think u would love it sis!


I want to say her name is Linda Davis, I have the cd burned I just need to upload it to my computer, I will send it to ya if ya like, hehe, i have no idea how but i am sure i could figure it out:)