The Real Mt. Sinai

I have heard something of this before- it is an interesting idea.
I have heard something of this before- it is an interesting idea.

If you watch the video, ALL the evidence is there

An elivated peice of land where the isrealites fled egypt
The discovery of the "bitter" waters
The 12 springs and palm tree's discovered.
Alter with calf hieroglyphs on it (golden Calf)
The markings around the mountain (the boundries that could not be passed)
The Rock split in half with obvious water erousion (talking thousands of Galons of water)
The burn mountain top (rocks singed, not volcanic rock)

and a lot more, seriously, its a must watch! Its in my mind 100% proof that the bible is REAL.
This looks VERY interesting and it appears to have 5 parts so I want to enjoy when I can just sit and do nothing else~
Thank you!
so our understanding has been flawed why didn,t arabia show us the truth?

Fear that Christianity would spread? Maybe fear that Isreal or the Jews would want the land, and claim it to be their holy land. Its crazy that the mountain is actually patrolled by armed guards.
Brings up amazing evidence. Could the Mt. Sinai we know be the wrong mountain. Very intresting, and I'm 100% convinced. (edit: Should be in Bible Study s)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Perhaps we can know that the Bible is true without a conspiracy theory, such as the "discovery channel" gives us? It's amazing how many well feed into this, but not believe the Good News of Mount Sinai, the Rock, the flowing water of Christ Jesus.
Alright, i'm going to check this out..i'll post later on after watching. i'm interested in how this will play out

Edit: Very impressive!, there is no doubt this is the true Mt. Sinai. These two guys did a great job recovering this information behind enemy lines. What is also amazing is how their findings prove the inerrancy of the Bible. Everything that was written occured just as they found it.
i wonder if jeff could make this video a permanent home on here,aswell as the rapture clip,some things should stay in a permenant home for all to see.:groupray:
this is making more sense they have found chariots in the gulf of aqaba,more evidence,they were preserved in coral.God has a way of showing truth.:)