The Resurrection of Christ: Physical or Spiritual?


well they didnt find His body. ~shrug~ maybe His body and His spirit left at the same time.

"quickening spirit" I think that means a spirit with a body around it. IF you've ever heard of the quick and the dead, the quick refer to the living, I think. And the quick and the dead was not a movie first, I think it was actually a real term to describe living and unliving people.

spiritual or physical, the realm of God streches furhter than both. So Id say both. ~shrug~
Yes quite observant. The "quick and the dead" comes from older translations using the Olde English. Example:

Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead.
1 Peter 4:5 (KJV)

Yes it does mean this...

who will give account to Him having readiness to judge the living and dead.
1 Peter 4:5 (LITV)

Anyways... scripture tells us we will be resurrected in the likeness of the son, meaning our bodies will be like His. Scripture shows us that we are "souls" (no not just having a soul, we ARE souls), and our "soulish" body cannot dwell in the New Kingdom. When we recieve our new "spiritual" body, we put off this soulish one which is in the likeness of Yeshua's.

Its no surprise that they can't find His soulish one though.

Remember the incident on Mount Hermon, 'The Mount of Transfiguaration' - where Christ brought some of His disciples... They witnessed a 'meeting' and it is thought that dimensional transfiguration was what they actually saw.

Also refer to the various descriptions in Ezekiel 1 (KJV) and throughout the first 39 chapters of Ezekiel for additional support of transfiguration and 'unique' travel methods.

(We can do a teaching and discussion concerning the extraordinary travel methods recapped in Ezekiel in another thread if someone wishes to start one.)
Would be interesting... though I'd hate to disillusion some relying on the Masoretic who think "Translation" in terms of Enoch... well nevermind.

"Translation" in terms of "moving" is something different, and altogether biblical.


Christ's ressurection was not only spiritual but physical as demonstrated by the placing of Thomas's fingers in the holes located in his hands and side.
Would be interesting... though I'd hate to disillusion some relying on the Masoretic who think "Translation" in terms of Enoch... well nevermind.

"Translation" in terms of "moving" is something different, and altogether biblical.



I’ve done quite a bit of reading on both Enoch and Enki…two prophets both associated in some way with all Abrahamic religions, in addition to Egyptian and Sumerian mythology. Allegedly, there is evidence of ancient Sumerian tablets which touch on the lineage of Adam (apparently on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England) as well as covertly disguised meanings in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and in books allegedly still in existence including The Atra Hasis, Erra Epos, Secrets of Thoth, and Book of the Wars of Yahweh. The existence of these books is alleged, and are said to have burned in the Great Library of Alexandria...if they even existed at all.

Based on alleged translations of hidden texts, charlatans have published a great deal regarding Enoch and Enki. Specifically, the idea that Adam (Adapa) was not made from God, but rather, a hybrid born from an alien named Enki and a native Terran hominid…this is how humanity was allegedly created. Both Enoch and Enki have been allegedly associated with the Nephilim (Gen, 6:4) and entire sects of Christianity now believe that our alien progenitors will someday return from the 12th planet of Nibiru and bring us home. In other theories, fallen angels from heaven are synonymous with the Nephilim, where they too apparently mated with proto-humans to create man.

In my detailed reading and research, I have found next to NO actual, factual credentials to back any of this nonsense up. Certainly, we are all entitled to write fiction if we wish, but to pretend to believe that these allegations are actually true is scientifically impossible, not to mention the spiritual/dogmatic ramifications. The fact that Enoch and Enki are mentioned in Abrahamic literature is certainly thought provoking and mysterious, as well as their seemingly synonymous relationship with Sumerian and early Egyptian mythology. However, nearly everything written about them outside the bible is baseless FICTION.

One of my favorite things is not only was Christ ressuerected but that same power is now working in me- Hallelujah!