The Ripping

The Ripping


It all started so casually
With a hey if you are not busy
We are having a revival at our church
You are more than welcome to come

I had so many other things to do
But my heart led me down the road
To a seat in a pew

I listened to the preacher speak
I heard the words
Cutting like a knife into my heart

The message that I was to hear
That the Lord had planned for me
Was loud and clear

Trust God in Radical Uncertainty
Me? The one who has believed
But still had this piece deep within
That would not let go
That had caused so much despair

The waves will come crashing he said
The trials, the tests, the tribulations
But understand he spoke
He is there
He has your vision for you

Keep taking the steps
One at a time
Go where he may lead

Who would have known
That a man that traveled so far
From another state
Would speak to me with such clarity

The altar call came
I got out of my comfort zone
And kneeled and bowed my head

The tears flowed
A voice began to speak
God loves you
He is with you
Trust in him
Give it all to him

Hands touched my shoulders
Ever so lovingly
I looked up
Her eyes were looking at me
With such love and comfort

He does love you
And you can give it all to him
We are taking it tonight
That piece that you will not let go of
The piece that you are holding onto so tight

A circle of light and love surrounded me
The prayers flowed from all
We rebuke you Satan
You are not welcome here

We ask you Lord to take it all
Whatever it is deep within this sister
Take it dear Lord
You know what it is
You have known
We give it to you tonight
It is done dear Lord

There is no more uncertainness welcome here
All that is welcome here is your love
Your grace and your love
You never leave us
You never forsake us
You are there
You know the vision you have
The greatest being the vision of eternity

As I stood up
I prayed thanks and blessings
It was like the boulder that held me down
Had been lifted

I was free
Finally I was free
I was free of it all
All that held me back
From grabbing hold
Of what the Lord has waiting for me

I am thankful for all the new found friends
At the Church of God and for Mark
That the Lord led me to tonight
To them I say
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

But most of all
I thank you Lord
For all that I have is from you

I look forward to each new day
As you guide me
To the heights of the Vision you have for me!

November 8, 2007


The tears flowed
A voice began to speak

God loves you
He is with you
Trust in him
Give it all to him
Amen x 10!:)
The Ripping

Faithwoman, that was a beautiful, beautiful post! Most of us here have a similar story of repentance to tell. It is so good to be in God's hands isn't it? Thanx for sharing.
Yes it is great to be in repentenace and to have the Lord in my life.
To have him the the first love of my life!