The Rodain Trilogy books #1 & 2

Hello brethren, I am just posting here at the blessing of the Mods about my first 2 books!
They are the 1st 2 installments of the Rodain Trilogy:
The Curse of the Rodain &
The Rebellion of the Rodain.

They are Christian fiction (so no wizards, vampires, zombies, horror junk, etc) and they are stories like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia but with a This Present Darkness (by Frank Peretti) twist, and Jesus is a character in the books, called by His name. They are Christ-exalting books that glorify God with an engrossing and entertaining story that satisfies.

Here is a link to get the 1st 2 books in softcover (aka premium paperback) at a website called The Book Patch Bookstore:

Their online store is the same as Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Christianbook.Com but they are much more favorable to the author and so for the moment they are only available there. The mods have checked the site and the books and determined they are safe and good :)

I will give updates for when I have the ebooks available in a few weeks (Early April or so)

And any reviews or word of mouth about the books always are appreciated ;)

I am also working with the Lord to get the books into Costco and Family Christian and other places by summer. But for now you can enjoy a great story in softcover at The Book Patch bookstore.
There is a program called calibre that I discovered; it is capable of converting many formats to many other formats.
I can't vouch for its performance in windoze or seems to work so far in Linux , I see there is a windoze version for down load. Not sure if it is free or not. It is of course free with Linux. I downloaded a copy of Monster by Frank Peretti last night. I converted the E-pub version to Pdf and it seems to be OK. A couple of minor glitches but until I check it against the original E-Pub, I really can't make a fair comparison.
Hello again Calvin, CTurtle and all waiting on the edge of their seats for this oh so important announcement ;-)
The Kindle edition of both The Curse of the Rodain & The Rebellion of the Rodain are NOW available, hallelujah! Have fun reading! Please post your rave reviews when finished, and feel free to publicly share your enthusiasm with others! Thanks for reading! Be blessed!
Here are the links for both:

KINDLE The Curse of the Rodain:

KINDLE The Rebellion of the Rodain:

Now for the NOOK (which is an epub file), I can't see the NOOK The Curse of the Rodain, will post it as soon as I see it.

NOOK The Rebellion of the Rodain:

Apple iPad versions coming shortly, will post when I have it up!

You can also LIKE The Curse of the Rodain on Facebook directly and any updates I post are on there too.