The rush to be broken?

Not happening. But until we throw ourselves on the rock, Jesus, and are broken into shards the treasure within will never shine through. Men do everything possible to keep from being broken. If we yield to His perfect will and trust that His breaking will not destroy us then we do well. If all that others see of us is our goodness, our talents, our words, our wisdom then we are an absolute total failure at present the savior to them.

Once some brothers and I went to the Little Rock city jail after church to attempt to minister some hope to some inmates there. They were pretty unresponsive and I recall one man who lay on a top bunk with his back toward us. I saw him turn his head our way for a moment then turn again to face the wall. As I spoke a few words to the six or eight men in that large cell I couldn't help breaking down with the love of God for these end of their rope souls. As I wept these formerly bored observers changed as if electrified. The man on the top bunk bailed off of it as if on fire. They all rushed the bars where I stood and thrust their hands through for the gospel tracts I had written. The love of Jesus had flowed out of my brokenness and onto them. They didn't know what it was but their spirit man saw the love of God and ran to it.

You see I didn't WANT to be broken down to weeping in front of these strangers. No way. But after you've been broken you have no way of holding back the treasure of Jesus. He seeps, flows, rushes, pushes through all the broken places. This men saw not me but the savior. Who do others see in you? He must increase and we must decrease otherwise He'll never be seen. Rush to be broken so that the glory if the savior may be w seen upon and in you.

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... until we throw ourselves on the rock, Jesus, and are broken into shards the treasure within will never shine through...
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Liked this. It reminds me of my past as a homeless alcoholic who sensed the unconditional love of many in AA and I wanted that, and was willing to go to any length to get it.
But that is another story.

After the pot is broken, if we are not in tough with God/Jesus, it starts rebuilding itself with each veil of denial.
If we remain in touch with God/Jesus we have a better chance to keep aware of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.
It is this awareness which keeps the pot broken for the Truth to be revealed.
In other words, for Christians, it is possible to not re-break the pot as often as we have had to in the past.
Once as the Lord was dealing with me on this breaking I read the exact same thing by Mr Watchman Nee. He said if those listening to him preach only saw him that he had failed completely. Breaking hurts. I've broken bones before and the pains of that were not nearly as intense as the pain of being dealt with by the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to God if we are chastened even scourged He is dealing with us as with sons and daughters. Everyone who has endured these things knows whereof I speak. May the Lord guide you through His corrections. Amen and God be with you
Once years ago I had the pleasure of the Lord showing me myself, who I was what and what I had become. I was humiliated and shamed yet I saw God's love. I pray every day if there is only one thing I can ask for I want God's love. It is the greatest gift I could ever ask for and receive.

God has been so good to honor my request and I feel as though I walk in His love daily now. I truly feel it wrapped around me and protecting me. I need nothing else. I want his love. I did not realize at the time when I first said all I want is your love that His love actually has all things wrapped in it. Love from God = blessings, protections, safety, righteousness, holiness, hope, God's love is patient and kind, it covers all sins, God's love takes us to the Cross and makes us one with His Son Jesus, it forgives us and heals us, it sanctifies us and restores us back unto him.

I had no idea what I was asking for. God has literally been showering me with his love for the past several weeks. I cannot even describe what it feels like to wake up knowing that someone loves me. My marriage of 28 years was not a good marriage, not from day 1. It was a disaster and abusive until the day I left in 2015. I never new what love was because I never felt love from a man before. My dad died of cancer when I was 3. I married a man that loved himself more than me and he let me know it almost daily. When I told God all I wanted was love, that was true. I don't feel as though I have ever felt love before, not healthy love. God was so good and I do believe he has poured it out onto me. I am so happy, I am free, and I truly feel love wrapped around me. In that love I feel protection, which I have never in my life felt before.

I am truly blessed and God's love has redeemed me and healed my heart and emotional scares. I believe His love has made me a new person. I do not feel the same anymore. Every day I wake up feeling a little different. I cannot even explain it.
All I know is that love truly does conquer all things. I pray I can freely give it to others as I am currently receiving it.