The Shout

What is the only way to get to heaven?

  • Placing all your faith in Jesus alone to get you there.

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  • By being a good person and reading your bible.

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  • keeping all the commandments.

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We have heard how David stood against the giant; you may know this story well. Of how a shepherd boy slung a stone and the enemy warrior fell.

We have heard the story of Jericho’s city and how Israel marched around. The seventh time they let out a shout and the walls came tumbling down.

We have also heard the story of Daniel, who was thrown into a lion’s den. It surprised the king when he came back to that cave, and saw Daniel come out again.

Now here is a story you have never heard, for it has not taken place. This story is about how God has given up on us, and removed His hand of grace.

Yet God is full of mercy, and desires for all to repent, with only one way to save us all, His precious Son He sent.

Then the story took another turn, with no words explaining why. The promise came and dwelled among us and now He had to die.

Many witnessed the victory that was turned into a loss. They beheld the hope of glory, now hanging on a cross.

In the past God showed them His power, could He not now save His Son? Here the hope of the future, and all their plans were done.

As they viewed this promised one dead, it appeared as though evil had won. God brought down the hammer of justice and glorified His Son.

The giants fell, the walls came down, and that roaring lion fled. The victory changed into glory, for Jesus was no longer dead.

Now let me take you to the end of this story, to the part we hold so dear. The trumpet sounds, with a shout from above, “My beloved come up here!”