the snake trail


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the snake trail

1 God old testament,easy to understand,Gods son comes down our salvation.he says only God is good.sits on the right hand of the father.father is 1 so were is jesus 2,or is he even we know there is no other so 3456 evil.7 is God pointing you back.what do you think of my theory.
If you throw out enough of your bible that will work just fine!:D
Jesus did say there is none good but his father but remember he was in the flesh and none of us in the flesh are ever good enough.

I don't believe Christ was saying he was bad, as in the opposite, because he wasn't , but was maybe trying to relate to we humans as not being perfect ourselves.

remember when he said that, a man was asking him how to be saved. Christ worked on the man's heart first telling him what to do to humble himself and open his heart to God.
He knew salvation starts in a man's heart first.

Jesus is #1 just as his father is. He died for us, gave his life for us.
He tells us if we know him then we know the father too.
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are as one.