My mind was a confusion and nothing seemed to count
Friends were an intrusion and troubles seemed to mount
Life’s journey leading nowhere each step sending me off course
My spirit like an arid stream was cut off from its source

My pathways were uneven not narrow or not straight
I questioned in my heart space and its answer was “just wait”
A solution to my yearning my best efforts failed to force
How could I know, how could I win, without a loving source

Then one day in desperation I cried in deep despair
Oh Lord my will I yield to you, please listen to my prayer
As tears started descending caused by sorrow and remorse
My heart was filled with Grace and love from an overflowing source

Like streams of living water that renews the weary and the weak
This gift of love is there for all if only we would seek
The gift of His salvation that from Calvary freely pours
The blood of Jesus Christ my Lord, my God, my only source

Pat McCann…………May 2009