The story of me. (testmony)

From the moment i was born the enemy attacked me in an world of ignorance and medical incompetence. I was loaded with pills which caused me to see things that weren't there, for an season the devil did everything in his power to make sure seeds of doubt were being planted in my father,school and the doctors.

The world didn't have anything in the medical books of autism and this was before the two thousands,so this will tell you what kind of world i was growing up in. However the doctors did say i wouldn't be able to talk,think or even attend school . The drugs they gave me made me see things that weren't there and also made me act out,but here's when God struck back. My Dad eventually took me off the drugs that the quacks gave me to see how i would do, well ladies and gentlemen i was getting better and soon i began to do all the things they said i couldn't do.

The Devil has placed numerous traps in my path and numerous people that wanted to stop me from being the man God called me to be, with the lords help i graduated high school however as i long back on it now if i stayed the course that i was on thanks to the doctors i could have ended up in an insane asylum rotting away as an vegetable,Thank God for an godly father.