The story of my King James Bible


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If you did not know, I was wanting a King James for the longest of times.
My mom said that she was not going to get me one because has just recently bought me an NLT. I was going to go behind her alback and ask my dad, but someone on this site told me to wait, so I did. I also asked God if He wanted me to have a King James.
After report card night, I was able to get a gift of two books from my mom. I hate reading, and I was able to sneak away with only picking one book: the King James Bible. I put it in the cart. This was on Thursday.
The next day, mom told me that the Bible was getting shipped. She accused me of buying the Bible without her consent. I did not buy the Bible, and apparently, neither did she. But it was bought. I hope you see the supernatural connection here :D
I just got the Bible a few minutes ago, and I love it already. I did read it yet, except the names of the chapters, and I love how they are named. I prayed over the Bible, giving God great thanks.
So that is story of the King James Bible.


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Oh my gosh. Praise God! He is so awesome!

So if your Bible did not get paid for by your mom, and not by you...then how do you know that it was paid for?

I am so glad that you decided to wait upon the Lord! And that you love your new Bible!
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