The television program-on Discovery Channel

Sep 17, 2009
DC area
The television program-on Discovery Channel

Okay, has anyone seen this little show called "A Haunting," on discovery channel? I was watching this episode and it was really scary, it upset me. The shows are "supposedly," supposed to be real stories, some seem a little corny to me though, some are scary though. Alot of the stories end w/ God's presence coming and the person renouncing the evil in their life, I like the endings where Jesus wins and the Holy spirit reigns etc... Some are scary though, i hate feeling scared, anyway I was giving a review though. there is some crazy stuff i disagreed w/ though, like the use o "pyschics," which is against God etc...the show is interesting though. I don't think its the greatest show, i just like the ending where Jesus comes into their life and makes it all good again.