The time is nigh

Oct 5, 2007
Earth, USA
The time is nigh

O Lord,
I apologize for my sins,
And repent from my evil ways.
Let the devil be turned away,
And deliver me from temptation.
For the promise of sin is strong,
But Your promise is stronger.
Lead me into Your Light,
Even as the world around fades away.
Your hope keeps me going,
Let me not be sinful.
But instead perfect, like You are perfect,
And forgive me of my debts.
Yes, forgive me of my debts,
And help me to be like You.
As we see these worldly things are nothing,
Nothing compared to what awaits in Heaven.
The world may persecute me for my beliefs,
But I shall rejoice, for they persecuted You first.
So when I see these things,
These things that You have spoken of.
I will not be discouraged,
But bring glory to Your name now.
Yes I will bring glory to Your name now.
And bear witness to the whole world,
As a witness in Christ.
That You laid down Your life,
To raise it up again.
So that we may not die in our sins,
But be forgiven.
Thus we are saved by faith,
Our faith in the Lord Christ.
Yes I will have faith in You.
How can I not?
And as we join in communion,
Throughout the whole world.
We are bretheren in Christ,
Because we accept your sacrifice.
That has been made on the cross,
Sealed by blood and water.
Yes we will worship You,
You, our Lord, our King, our God.
For whose God but ours would die for their sake?
Yes, our God did.
He came upon this Earth,
And suffered as a man.
Understanding His purpose,
And knowing what must be done.
The time grows nigh,
For the return of the Lord to this Earth.
The time for His second victory,
As His first was at the cross.
And what a glorious time it shall be,
Yes, it shall be a glorious time.
And day shall seem like night,
In the dawn of Your coming.
For so strong will Your Light be,
You, the Light of the world.
And surely we can rejoice then.
In Your coming and Your saving grace.
Because the time is nigh,
Yes, the time is nigh.
Therefore I shall lay it all down tonight,
And carry my cross.
Carry my cross after You,
Now and for ever.
The time is nigh.


Very nice brother!:)

Therefore I shall lay it all down tonight,
And carry my cross.