The trial of the ages [story]

Everything was prepared and everything was set up, the news papers were calling it the trail of the ages and everyone will be in attendance. The supreme Judge was called to oversee this increditable trail but it wasn't an ordinary trial no the Supreme Judge was God of all creation and the adversary was Satan, the guilty party was man for the act of open rebellion of God's laws.

Everyone will be on trail which the reason why the papers was calling the trail of the ages, you see Satan wanted his prize which is us and he was calling for the unltimate penalty for rebellion againist God which is untimitly death and Eternal seperation. It was all going according to plan just then an suprise defense atterny walks in yells."Miss trail,these people still have time." Satan stood there dumbfounded as the man that stood in open was suppose to be dead heck he made sure of it and he saw him breath his last breath but none the less the man that stood in the court room was Jesus christ.

Jesus cleared his throat and spoke."Father,I have paid the unltimate price already on there behalf and I have tooken it all untill death. All they gotta do to be forgiven of the untimate crime father is believe in me and they shall be saved."

God got up and nod his head and got up."court adjourned" satan got up and yelled."retrail!!" God looked at satan and said o"ver ruled now sit down and shut up you deciver"