The Truth

All i have to say is pretty simple. The truth is everything it always has been if we do not seek it out who will? If we turn our head away from it does that bring us closer to it?Information will always be power. Inform yourself and make your choices with your understanding and love for your family in mind. The protection of your family. What does your family really mean to you? Your children? Well if they mean anything to you then seek the truth. Everything you have ever known may not be the case if you just search and are willing everything can be shown to you. Reality might not be what it seems. You can have the wool taken from your eyes. We as people need to learn that the future is in education it always has been. It always will be. Inform yourself and children of everything you have ever known and also allow them the freedom to choose what they wish to learn doing your best to guide them on the best path you can a path away from the ones you do not agree with that maybe you went through. Always and i mean always know your basic instructions before leaving earth. LOL ; ). If you are a Christian a true Christian. Well my guess is most of everything you have ever needed has been given you. You are not hungry or starving when most of the world is. Why? Look inside yourself for some answers and for others well everything is a puzzle if you can reverse engineer it you can better understand it. You can only put the puzzle together if you forget worldly things. Know you have a soul and choose where that goes. There is positive matter and negative and everything leads to that fact. Choose your side its very simple earth is the playing field. This is the life in which you choose where you go. Do not let that choice be the wrong one. Why is it wrong to live your life the way Jesus intended? Love and compassion what is wrong with it? Nothing that's what. We are happy around and close to our family yet we all are apart now why? If you think of love and have ever felt it is it bad? That feeling? No but does society hold those values or ones of lust? Is it not the normal now to sleep around? Love is the key. Compassion for all is the key. It always has been.Through love and compassion we can be the light to the world and feed the hungry but only if we take charge of the world enough to take the resources from it where they are needed and feed the hungry. Wealth should never be all in one place and nobody should ever have the power to control you with money or make you work for it that is slavery. The wealth of the world leads 1 place. Very few have it. Why? There are people starving do not look away from what i say but take it into your soul and know it as truth. Seek out the truth. It will find you.