THE Word - Bible Software

THE Word - Bible Software

THE WORD 3.0 (Beta)

Hello everyone!

Have a look at this brand new software. In fact it is a beta version of a Bible Software that I tested many times. My opinion: It's the most user friendly Bible Software I've ever seen. It just works very smoothly. I installed the software on my 1GB USB-Stick which means I can read and study my bible and take notes wherever I want, whenever I have time! I'll let you find out the functions by your own. You'll see that's its' very easy. This screen shot is just a little foretaste. You can download the Beta since the functions that are not 100% working are blocked. I never had a problem with it.

Install it and use it. It's for FREE! The person who does the programming is spending hours and hours on the software so consider maybe a donation. Otherwise copy it as many times as you want and pass it on to your friends around you. Since I know the Software pretty well you can ask me questions if you need help. There's also an online guide how to get started with the software. Otherwise just check out the Forum on the Website when you think you have a question that is of general interest.

In the beginning was "The Word".

God bless you all with it,

A BIG fan of the software!

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If you want to check out other software, I suggest

Most bible/book/Christian music stores will gladly order it for you (while some computer stores - I'm not sure of availability)...

They have full packages (study, reference, concordance, devotionals, etc) as well.

Also, here's one free open source resource: <- available on most operating systems.

There sure is a lot of Christian resources out there, you just got to look for them... God bless :israel: