The Word Positive

Should Christians stop using the word positive, or does it really matter?

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Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
Dec 20, 2013
Okay, I got two people asking me nicely to stop using the word positive. If there is a better alternative to the word, please give it to me AND I will consider using it.

Here's the poll question: should Christians stop using the word positive, or does it really matter?

I say it doesn't matter. I mean if YOU personally don't like the word, that shouldn't give you the right to tell others to stop using it. Now, let's see what you guys think.
Nov 8, 2013
Greenville Tx
If in doubt just use

“Impassioned Inspiriting Affirmation”

In a spoken sentence you could say:

“I feel impassionedly inspirited with affirmation that my job interview went well today”

Or you could relinquish abandonment of the word “positive” knowing that each person will move to ambiguous grounds for grammatical discernment regarding personal objective experience.
Nov 23, 2013
I am POSITIVE God promised salvation to all who love and obey Him and endure in that ..
I like the word "positive" .. God is love .. and that IS positive ..
Dec 30, 2013
Cheshire, England UK
i guess people dont like using the word as its deamed a temporary affirmation. i.e i am POSITIVE means its momentary emotional state. i dont see anything wrong with using the word but positivity should be lived out and i guess framing it to other people by saying it just cheapens it a little. easier said than done all the time though!
Sep 16, 2011
Unfortunately in this day and age we need to watch our use of the word 'positive'...just as we do with the word 'prosperity'. There is a smelly stigma of false teaching attached to that word that no educated Christian can ignore. Dana, your use of the word touched on the false doctrinal use of it. I pointed that out to you in the specific thread.

- The positive thinking philosophy has influenced preaching away from theology toward psychology.
- The positive thinking philosophy seeks to win friends and influence people with a wide smile, a warm handshake, glowing affirmations, and other words of encouragement.
- Those who read the journals of the positive thinking philosophy know that they are filled with "testimonials" and illustrations of men who have achieved success.
- In the positive thinking philosophy great attention is given to expressing "how to close the sale" in the right manner.
- The positive thinking philosophy measures success in accomplishments, usually tied to financial prosperity, power, and popularity.
- Paul's warning, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit" (Col. 2:9), was never more appropriate.
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