they make you sick


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they make you sick

we are like pond scum to them,they enjoy setting us up to fall while they make money.
for example,people lead you away from God on purpose.we have tv,music stars etc to make you lust or hang on there every word as a entertainment to fuel your that has lyrics aggainst God,or his followers.this is a spirit war and e are sitting ducks without God.
Very true yes, all the gossip in the news about celebs. People reading about these celebs in the magazines and websites and try and follow what they say. Its crazy, they become like gods and goddesses to the world. We need more of Jesus in the world..
Yes this is very true....we as christians however have the choice what we will subject our minds and bodys to....we do not have to have that kind of TV, music, reading material..etc. So we make a choice who our God is, As for me and my house..we will serve the Lord.

Unfortunatly the unsaved have the things of this world, that is were our witness for Christ comes in....and with the leading of the Holy Spirit we can prevail against the thing of the world.