This Is Not Your Normal Welcome Thread, But A Cry For Help For The God's Chosen

The abomination of desolation - you need to know, information is key. God's chosen is not written as a nationality ar anything of that sort.
2 requests
- read it, the whole and try to inform yourself, no need to forward. Prayer never hurt anyone, but it could now. It is hard to read, but please, please do react, it is written frantically and with a lot of repetition and very little order, but try to understand that it is urgent.
English, as well as character of the person writing this is not as good as it used to be, and what is written is long, very much written in code, PLEASE try to understand it the best you can, as some things can only be said through the code of the scripture. At least read the whole, it would not be sent if it were not real. You may, or may not take this seriously, but I ask you try, read the scriptures, they could very much explain a few things. IT IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO FORCE RELIGION, RATHER A DESPERATE PLEA TO WARN AND INFORM, as the memories of the person writing this have been tampered with and the following is real, that is all that can be said, the plague of the minus on the forhead is real. And the traitor would be sorry if her soul were in her possesion.
It is not a poem about somebody's ego or the ramblings of a lunatic, some things are unfortunately real. The which is above and which is below changed, the poles have been reversed and have continued reversing, counterclockwise, everything is mirrored.

Bestia liberatur - sanguis Christi cecidit - MASONIC Illuminati - IT STARTED, the last fort of Christ's blood , in Croatia has fallen, the soul connections are turning in reverse - it affects everything as a whole.The abomination of desolation - you need to know, information is key.
The Holy family, holy by soul has been tainted, the blood of Christ was sold. The mark of the beast spreads with the air, like the energy and ion plague, the Secret of Christ's blood is in the wrong hands. Some knowledge was not meant to be used on this Earth if not to protect and serve, and not many were given those gifts by birth. The masonic curse of turning around the above and below has started, the satanic masons are turning left to right, up to down, the Pandora's box has been open. A lot of blood is unnecesarily spilt, with the innocent being the first to go, their empathy to what they think is light but is now in reverse, is what kills them, they are hurt for their kindness to redeem the satan cult, as the one who connected them fell. It is not of God's will, but the people don't know that and feel as if God is the traitor. These are the desperate trials to explain the truth. The sacrifice is in blood, through the soul, as she, the traitor has both the marking of the beast, has been stripped of the soul, the mark is both on the right hand and in blood on the left. It was a selling of the soul, and later of the body.The masons have stalked, stole, found and gained the opportunity with Christ's lineage of the lamb, using forceful demon and entity attacks, methods of confusion, mirrors, stress, blasphemy, pressure and distractions through people close to her, ego and pride which has led to the final fall to eternal death. The highest astral bodies were removed first, to remove her from the truth and add to confusion. From there on, she was relentlessly attacked, and called upon every soul connection to help carry the burden, as she knew her role. The etheric body was almost completely removed halfway through September, from which point the physical has turned rotten, no control over bodily functions and entities and other people's garbage fractals have been put in. Lastly around 21st of October, the masons have taken the essence , through the slight spirit connection which was left, the soul was reprogrammed and kept on some kind of altar between curtains, in vessels.
As they scraped and remodelled all her astral bodies, they posses the mental to and her whole is enslaved, the conscious ego is the last part trying to give out information. There will be a lot of repetition in this text, try to make sense, the world is one in Jesus Christ the Savior's name. The Veda, the Sufi philosophy and Kur'an, The Bible, the Tibetan , it is all one and only. Jesus Christ the Mesiah's name is the powerfull one, words and thoughts are of extreme importance fot those who pray and have faith, as they vibrate and could feed the wrong source. The words and feelings, visualisations of prayer are the Christ essence in human DNA, it cures disease, gives shelter, balances the soul with the light. Now all has been reversed, when you ask for balancing traditionaly and by external factors - be it for you or when you pray for someone, you align yourself with the wrong side of the coin.
Unfortunately, she through the ego, refused to leave gracefully and the consequences are huge, she declined to remove the soul contract that she had been assigned, yet did not persist in her fight. It is irreversible, as much as she would like it not to be. The debt is unpayable as she destroyed many soul meetings and purposes, yet they remained connected to the soul and their energy (or if you will, any which you hurt - you hurt God Himself) codes are in the possesion of the wrong force. They chipped and scraped the etheric body, so that it could be of service to them, all the connections with it are forever changed, many great soul warriors lost. The absolute balance is reversed, the universal soul damaged, that which binds when it is said that God had intended someone to meet someone, etc. The sins which were repented and redeamed are now coming back without warning. It is NOT OF GOD'S TRUE WILL, DO NOT HATE/BLAME GOD. The DNA used for the soul capsuling is used in wrong purposes, her physical and etherical forever changed and everyone that connect's in mind, body and spirit is hurt as the vibration is harmful, reversed, of evil, masonic rituals. Christ's name now protects the wrong force, as she allowed evil to use its protection, resources and holy people. All spiritual people that are highly linked to God through prayer are now vulnerable through the same prayer that once kept them secure, they want to clear out the best ones first, so that the people of spirit make a somewhat voluntary spiritual suicide not knowing, and pull others down with them, which then results in evil in mind, emotions and flesh. Mirrors and reflective surfaces are then used as portals, to align in the mind all the reverse which comes from the spirit and the image that the person holds.

Many are connected and many are in danger, as the mark of the beast spreads like a negative, reversed plague through impure energy imprints on the higher connected souls, low vibrational emotions and thoughts, empathy aimed in the wrong direction. They want the very essence of Christ or what is thought to be, the gift of pure empathy and connection to spirit, to be the very thing that makes the best fall, and pull others down. A lot of blood of those who are kind is unneccesarily spilt, as the sister souls have no solid ground. She had asked for spiritual guidance and help from sister souls too many times, the wrong people now have the access to the energy imprints, the force field reversed. The Pandora's box is open, as there is no more up or down, dark is where there was light, soul contracts need to be cut of.
The above and below have been changed and reversed 3 times at least, people are connecting and giving trust to the reversed vibration, which makes them sick. The New World Order thing is real, they are what the Bible calls the satan, as all forces have many faces. The symbols which are marked are the sacred ones, are the ones that were desanctified. The enemy comes from the Church if you will, but not in physical form or the form of the pope.
The etheric almost completely left into a mirror halfway through the month of September as the attacks of entities were powerful, the whole soul was not present to fight enough. The vibrations were tainted, impurified and steering away from the truth. When the etheric was removed, all vibrations from the outside world, many bad choices as the mind was the only thing left, no identity and the body is now completely tainted. She no longer had the weight of her body, the control over her body,
The soul DNA material is sold and in the wrong hands, but the body is still there, with no essence. The other absolute, the absolute dark, mirror image of the light is where they took her and other sister souls that were connected to her. She was pure and of the Sun, came to this world redeemed and God had given her the secret. The people will now think that the lamb is the beast, and the beast the lamb. As what is left of the conscious ego still remembers where the soul originaly came from, it had refused to pay for it's evil doings by revoking, cause it could not remember the how or what. They have now changed her DNA, forever imprisoned the soul as they conditioned that which was of the sky to reverse, plus to minus, holy to unholy. They are using alchemy of other dimensions and sacred geometry in reverse, the souls of the light being the first to be misguided by her fall.
She can no longer escape or undo in spirit. She was the lamb and of the lamb, and carried with her the secret. Nor of the mother or of the father, but the child of the love of God, one of Christ's own, the servant to people that at the same time knew and didn't know. They had persecuted her relentlesly from February and won 21st of October. Unfortunately, she gave in and when she knew that she could take no more, and knew the stakes, did not die for Christ in purgatory, although she was offered to. She sold her soul, then refused to pay the debt to the ,,otherside'' of the force as her conscious part of mind was firmly attached to being a child of God that she led herself astray, as her mind could not believe.

While falling from grace, the traitor had decided to keep the soul connections, which are now being used as a slavery tool for her and those around her. God's people are the first to be sacrificed, the first to go by tainting thir souls from the inside and removing them from God by confusion. They trust that which was once a lamb, and is now a beast. They than act in the way they feel, twisting the light and dark, sealing their removal from God, which leads them to believe that God isn't there, without them knowing that they have been led astray.The Christ DNA imprint, the imprint of the soul has been sold and used in forbidden alchemic acts, the masons are raising the antichrist through hybrids with their own, a form of a supreme force with reversed and false gifts of the Holy Spirit that would make people believe the holyness, but rotten inside.
The people will think that Christ is the antichrist, or that Christ is a traitor.
One of the politicians in that country is closely linked to giving her out for his masonic redemption. A sellout and wanted to clear his bill through her, closely linked with masonry. He is the man with gray hair that tried to flea the country a few years ago.

IF YOU UNDERSTAND IT - REACT, NO NEED TO FORWARD, JUST REACT. The people will think that it is God's will in all perpetual catastrophies, that the world is coming to an end, but isn't, the devil has now started it's work through masonry and twisting the forces. The best and purest are the first to be under attack and go, the natural state should be returned so that the innocent may be spared. The trick is that people empathize in the direction where the light always was, but is not anymore. It seems to them as if they were punished for their good deeds, and are being led astray inside out.
The one which was of Christ and spirit is now backwards, reversed, mirrored, the cross is now the devil's marking of minus on forehead, as they used mirrors to taunt her, alchemy of removing soul layers and the soul heart, and she has fallen. All those around her, the good people in which the Lord had put His only Son to safety, the pure, untainted children of the Sun that are in her blood lineage are under attack, and are being tainted by each minute. Sin which brought her down is being spread through the good people with soul connections and lineage by blood or name. They are being attacked through their empathy and love that they feel, that they think is for the lamb, but is for the beast. The lamb has been sold. Those with empathy and Christ conscience are falling from grace as they perceive there to be light, where now darkness resides, as they project their energies to a mirrored image, which then feeds the beast. The imprint of the soul connection between them and her is what is causing them to rot inside out, as their impure habits and thoughts weaken them in spirit. There is no more up or down.Through that, their souls are being impurified from within, removing them from God without them even knowing it, as they then act according to what comes from within and are being mislead into the darkness that they feel is light, as it always was. The polarities have turned, and may be dangerous for people to pray the Heavenly Father prayer, as it now feeds the wrong source. The good have fallen by the hand of the lamb's own she allowed the evil to penetrate, to use the Holy name and resources under the Hly name and symbols protection, but is so reversed that everything is sin which then translates in darkess becoming the light. The sacred knowledge is in wrong hands. They have stripped her of identity, she now serves as a link with only minor competence, to be a puppet for cleaning out the souls that were protected through her secret. The sin in which the rich masons have put the pure souls is inimaginable. She can no longer explain, only in codes, but it is true. By that the Church could fall, those parts of it which are good, act FAST for the unknowing and the weak links are multiplying each second.

She carried the Christ DNA, the symbols being the heart with the eternity loop, numbers 11 and soul number 2. They see and they know, the lineage was tainted, the DNA code which enabled God's Holy light is now reversed, used for demonic purposes.. The apocalipse has started.

The beast is unleashed from the country of Croatia. She did not want to give in, but was played for a long time and gave in, she is sorry in ego, but cannot repent as they have her heart.
The illuminati and the masons are the satan as they use the dark side of the balanced force in the Universe of the Creator. They use the goodness and empathy in true believers to pay for the sins.The Holy Spirit is bottled through portals, used for unholy and slaving purposes, the mason from the USA with the copper beard and cowboy hat is using her in soul for sexual purposes, as they wish to produce the unholy child with the holy DNA. A blond one with an estate too. DNA is the container of the soul as it links the spirit to it's creator. For every soul mislead, the whole suffers. Her soul is in their possesion which gives them power over many, that spreads like disease. She appears alive in flesh, but is dead and a puppet waiting for strings to be pulled, as her body no longer works and only spreads the reverse with thoughts, touch, look, speech, food, air and the feelings others have. They have done their best to concrete her soul, and by that the souls of many, in absolute sin and evil, using baphomet as their weapon of choice. Some of which can still be saved through precise prayer. In spirit, if you can understand she has a lot of blood on her hands, no longer exists, and as her body is used as a transmiter of all that is reverse, it is spreading like an infection. MOST IMPORTANT: Blasphemy that was commited by her was allowing the dragon and the serpent which are now inhabited her body after she was stripped of her essence of Christ, be called by the lambs name and use the lambs image and symbols, by those who believe in the lamb and are now mislead. It now spreads, as people ask to be one with what they think is God, the light, but is no longer in that direction. She was born under the sign of the Ram, was God's precious lamb. The lambs name protects those under it, leading to darkness turning tables. The good are paying the price for all satans sins. The catastrophies which will start are not by God's will, as God had intended to show his light in all His glory. If you keep looking for God in the same direction, you will be lost, as all that is has been turned around.Those who understand, will be saved. Keep God in your heart, pray that you are not mislead by false empathy because which was above is now below, be careful how you pray, as the feelings and words of those who believe carry the power of the whole. If used in the wrong way, they will feed the wrong source. The path is now very steep and dangerous, as there are no outside pointers to where God's true work is. The antichrist which appears to be of Christ and come in His name will appear, as they now have the DNA code that received the Holy Spirit in all it's grace and manipulate it. Unite in your hearts, break all soul bondages and renounce the sin that you don't think you ever did, everyday ask to be forgiven for blasphemy for yourself, your family and others. The enemy now operates from within. If the one writing this should explain any further, it would be a lie, as only the symbolic representation of everything that has happened from March/beginning of April, till now, can tell you what is going on. It could have been avoided, many blood is and will be spilled, it is global as it works from the inside, they wish to slave by the holy knowledge, primarily by soul and spirit, then by body. Refuse to be indoctrinated and all idolatry, fight with the true armour of God. Let God's true nature be in you, rather than around you, for if you pray to be harmonized with the above and below, you will lose direction, as all is now reversed.
The battle will be hard, do not let ego, despair, wrath, any addictions, wrong foods, all that can impair your judgement. nurture inner peace, and pray everyday with the words that you forgive all the trespasses that led you to fear, guilt, shame, pride, especially anger and doubt, despair, and that you always give a moment to think of true intentions behing what you do, say or feel. and that you ask God of absolute light, truth and love to keep your heart clean, as the heart is what they are after. If you call for Jesus, ALWAYS NAME THE ONE OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER, THE MESIAH, THE KING OF JEWS. Pray that the curse of the mark of the beast be revoked, and the absolute true will of the one and only Heavenly Father restored as soon as possible, in balance of light. Disease will spread like never before, it will come primarily through the spirit bondage, not through physical contact, inform yourself of the knowledge behind the ancient rituals so that you can protect and save.

Be careful with the prayer of Heavenly Father, as what was above and below is not the same, is changing and could end up feeding the wrong side. The devil uses many wrong ways, and it is not in God's will that the good hurt. If you keep looking for God in the same direction, you could be lost, as all that is has been turned around, the Pandora's box is open.Those who understand, will be saved. Keep God in your heart, pray that you are not mislead by empathy because which was above is now below, be careful how you pray, as the feelings and words of those who are loyal carry the power. If used in the wrong way, they will feed the wrong source which is why many honest and good people are getting hurt, but from within. That will cause the good to rot from the inside and hurt one another on the outside, creating a vicious circle for satan's doers, as they use people of faith and their empathy to pay for the sins of satan. The path is now very steep and dangerous. The mark of the beast is not what is thought, and will make people sick in their minds and bodies, make them look for protection where there is none, where they will make them more of slaves and even sicker, the disease of the minus on the forhead, where there should be a plus, a cross. There is no more north or south, the only compass is within, guard your hearts and souls and WARN ALL THAT HAVE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO USE THEM WISELY AND DIFERENTIATE.
Christ's own betrayed Him, and it will take a long period of time for true balance to be restored. Free all children of any masonry, use symbols wisely, as only the heart has true power, and break away from the eternity loop. Pray everyday for renouncing of evil and illusion, renouncing all misuse of prayer, witchcraft and masonry, even if you yourself never did it. Souls are connected through God, and one weak link can bring many down as the sin of one becomes the sin of many. Pray that no child bears the burdens of those sins being commited at the moment, united and precise prayer and fasting in mind, body and spirit are of extreme importance.

Be wise, tell others, but be aware that you tell them in a way that it is not missunderstood, or it will have catastrophical consequences, as every weak link is used. pray that all soul contracts that are not in absolute truth and light of one and only Heavenly father be broken, and forgive, do a lot of forgiving as the doors of hell have been opened. Pray for the absolute, tread carefully.

Please react so many can be saved, that the united hearts and souls find the right direction and God's presence within