This is the biggest question.


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This is the biggest question.

when they did not believe God.did the word of God break in two.and is the old testament filled with a fallen LORD and a stand up LORD.and is this the reason Christ had to come to show the world the stand up LORD.and is this why satan must serve only him,ie the truth.
and isn,t this shown in scripture as Lord and 0 lord.0 lord law our Lord life.
The first marriage Covenant God made with Israel, she broke by committing adultery with the golden calf on her wedding day, (Ex 32).
This Mosaic Covenant couldn't last, so the tables of stone were broken.

Which was all by design of course, for the true Marriage Covenant of God to Israel could only be a Spiritual marriage in righteousness, which is the New Marriage Covenant of the Israel Church Bride of Christ which makes us One in Him. That is how we become Sons of God, by being born of Christ (our Father) and born of the Heavenly Jerusalem (our Mother) as we read about and Live it in the New Testament Covenant!

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