This new day ...

May 6, 2020
South Carolina

There is stillness in the dawn as the sun begins to rise, and as I gaze upon my neighborhood the lights within the homes provides a soft and gentle glow unto the new day still shrouded in the dark of night. The birds sing and in the distance there are the sounds of a world that awakens to a new day. This new day is unwritten and what is entered upon the chronicles of time is within the hands of the living. What will this day bring? Will it fade into a mundane pattern of so many days that have come before or will this day be one that shall linger upon my heart and soul? Summer can be heard outside my window, and the pleasant coolness of the morning shall give way to a much warmer day. Plans have already been made and there are duties to be performed, but in the moments of this day will the Lord perform something appointed unto me, will I fulfill a plan still unseen and unknown this day?

In the moments of this day shall I find truth, will I grow in understanding and wisdom? Most days begin the same way as we go through the patterns of our lives, but we are created to be and we are created to live according to a pattern placed within by a loving God. There is promise in this day for our God still reigns and our Messiah still guides. My heart accepts and my mind seeks, so let the day begin and let all of my ways be good, just and holy, and let this be a day that will bring sweet and precious memories as I write upon the pages that are the testimony of my life. The Lord knows the path that I walk each day and in trust, surrender, and acceptance I shall walk according to his desires and I will joyfully anticipate and accept all that this day shall bring unto me.

Job 23:14 "
For he performs the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with him."