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Jun 2, 2014
Northwest USA
Wish I had a read-out of what he said -- I missed some of the important words in his statements, and no matter how many times I reheard it, I still didn't know. @ 56: Is he saying "Most people who are smoking weed have nothing to do with their cancer." @ 120, "That's enough, s---- the rest."

Well, just let me write that I fear he is right on the idea that the Bible does not tell us we cannot drink wine, but there are words of caution about strong drink" and specific "you shall nots" about don't get drunk.

I don't have any idea what or how much I would have to drink in order to be drunk, because I've never been drunk. Why? Because I don't like wine, beer, or any drinks with alcohol -- I dislike the taste so strongly that I've not been able to drink enough to get a buzz. So I am exempt from making or writing opinions re most of this stuff. When Passover, for example, comes comes around, my "wine" is carbonated grape juice.

However, while Mary Jo is not in the Bible, I THINK (????) that the same rules as those re wine apply. The closest I've come to smoking it was when I was at an office party where people were smoking, and I was in the room. Yes, it effected how I responded later that night -- to a point -- but that doesn't make me know anything.

But regarding his language, I'm old-school. I'll admit that he would be my teacher for about one second after saying, "That's enough, s---- the rest." I believe that Scripture that says that from our mouths come the issues of the heart, and everyone knows what "sc---" means. That's coarse, it makes a preacher-joke of G-d's gift for married people -- something that has been trounced and misused practically from the Beginning. Not funny.
May 6, 2014
All I could think of was this:

Proverbs 20:1
Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler;
whoever is led astray by them is not wise.

His parting words were rather crass, and that makes a negative impact on my listening any further. However, I did check out this pastor's church website and it seems great. His manner of speaking just needs a bit of gentility, I imagine.
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Do you guys agree with this pastor? (Don't worry the video is only 1:23 long)
Hello, I thought I'd throw in a little doctrine in about alcohol and it's uses due to the fact God's Word actually tells us no, a little and yes about the subject. To uncover the keys, all we need do is examine God's Church Assembly design in three groups, overseers, deacons and the congreation....

NO - In 1st Timothy 3 we find the requirements for a Bishop (Greek Ep-os-skop-os - Overseer) and Paul says an overseer MUST BE. One requirement was not given to wine (may-par-ionos) which in the Greek means 'not near wine' so for an overseer the answer is no, none at all, to not even be in the company of drinking.

A LITTLE - The next group we find are the deacons and they are instructed not to be given to much wine in other-words, in moderation.

YES - The rest of the congregations whateever their role or call well, it's up to them as everyone is different but of course common sense tells us not to get drunk!

I hope you can see from the above that a flat yes or no is an extreme teaching when God's Word gives the true balance although in this freedom, our solemn command is not to put a stumbling block int he way of a brother or sister. For me a it's total NO due to the overseer role however telling other to follow that example is simply not biblical. Hope this helps....
Jul 25, 2013
Washington, DC
He said quite a bit within a minute and 23 seconds. Some parts I do agree with him, but I think his overall message, depending on what it is precisely that he is trying to say, I probably disagree with him.

Whether he is trying to be the cool pastor or not is besides the point and a different issue. It seems many pastors want to be the cool pastor. Like my gran'daddy always told me "Where there's a soul patch, there's a cool pastor." (OK, he never said that, nor would he, but don't you agree with him?)
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Mar 30, 2014
Do I agree with him about what? Drinking alcohol? Sure. I drink wine and wine coolers on occasion. I don't think that's sinful.

Smoking pot? I'd never smoke it because I wouldn't put that stuff in my lungs, but pot brownies sound interesting. I've never had anything to do with pot but if there was a way to use it without getting high I would have no issue with it.

Now for the real issue. I agree with him about convictions. I don't want anyone telling me what I can and can't do based on their convictions. If I'm not supposed to drink, or get a tattoo, or anything else, I think God is more than capable of letting me know Himself without their input. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear it if it's brought up in a discussion but it isn't right to tell me I can't do something just because you can't.
Do you guys agree with this pastor? (Don't worry the video is only 1:23 long)
I just had a little listen to the Pastor's message again and to be honest most of his statements were very inaccurate according to God's Word. I say this just for any who have watched this video and agree. The point this individual has missed is that Jesus' ministry never ended on the cross and neither were his words completely final, he went on to build his church through his Apostles and as we know, Paul might have written 1st Timothy but it was the teachings and instructions of Jesus Christ. Christ requires his overseers including this Pastor to abstain from alcohol completely, the deacons a little wine and the congregation, not to get drunk, but everyone decide on their limits. I'm afraid the sermon lacks true biblical understanding even on the plain meaning of the text in Timothy...
Here is what I got so far of what he said:
Here's why I got angry sitting there. Cause I -- I -- I bought a lie. All my christian life I was told that drinking beer meant I wasn't a good christian, I didn't love Jesus enough. I didn't care about causing other people to stumble, and I allowed myself to be impressed by people made religious rules. And that's not in the bible, Jesus never said it, and its not true. See the bible is clear on drunkenness, and intoxication. Very very very clear. Don't -- don't --don't --don't be a drunk alright. But don't, don't preach "come and see" and then hit me with a "you're a bad christian" if, and if whatever comes next out of your mouth is your opinion, and has nothing to do with Jesus and what he said or did, just keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear it. How about this.. I'm going to say this, because I want to clear up a statement I made about two months ago, alright? Listen carefully to this, alright? Using medical mariajuana doesn't make you a pothead or a bad person. I got a bunch of kids over in our special needs ministry, the oil is saving their lives. I have a friend that just moved back from east cost to colorado, so that their babies brain tumor won't give him seizures anymore. Now, thats not -- I can't make blanket statements, all cases all all all time all people. Lets be honest though. Most people smoking weed have nothing to do with cancer..
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Jul 5, 2011

Just another crank knocking the boogeyman-Religion.Since not wearing a tie or a habit,and looking like a guy in the street,you get
street talk.With some hip-hop music,he's got a rap cut.