Thought #1

Jun 12, 2018
(I wrote small text for your inspiration, God bless you all :) )

Yesterday I was laying on the swing and watching the sky.
There were only a few clouds except for everywhere else was never ending blue.
That view made me think about my childhood and one particular situation
when, as a 12 years old girl, looked up into the sky and asked God what His plan was
for me. Since that time, many years had passed but the sky is still the same.
The same colour, peace, beauty...Though God remains unchanged, no matter what will
happen and no matter what we will do.

I had time to complain and shout at Him, accusing Him for my failures, yet He didn'td change at all.
And one day I was that one who had to change and agreed with His love.

Ps. Thank you bobinfaith for language correction :)