Thought for this week - Remembrance

Pastor Gary

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Senior Moderator
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Thought for this week - Remembrance

On September 11, 2001, a group of radical Islamic militant terrorists took the lives of over 3000 innocent persons in New York, Washington, D.C., and in a remote farm field in Pennsylvania.
On September 11, 2008, we are observing Patriot Day in the United States; a time of remembrance, a time of reflection and a time of rededication. Please join with us in prayer for the families of the victims, for the first responders who valiantly tried to save lives and for all of us in free societies who treasure the Freedoms that these victims can no longer enjoy. May God bless us all.
My family and I were deeply distressed by this violent act upon the people of the United States. May our Heavenly Father send his consolation to those who continue to suffer as a result of these tragic occurences. I pray that God will bless and protect your nation and its people.