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Thought for this Week

Good Day, Friends; This week I'd like to mention a parable found in the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 13. As we know, Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah and was of the priest line. The Lord told Jeremiah to 'go and buy a linen belt and to place it around his waist and not to wash it.' A short time afterward, the Lord told Jeremiah to 'bury the belt in the rocks on the banks of the Euphrates River', which he did. A long time later, Jeremiah was told to 'go back and get the belt'. It was rotted, mildewed and falling apart - worthless.
This was the Lord's way of illustrating that persons who follow their own ways rather than God's ways will become like the belt - good for nothing and worthless. If we keep God's Word in our lives and show our love for Him, we will not become as the belt of Jeremiah; but we will have worth and merit and will be blessed by God for loving Him. God Bless you.


Bless you P. G. What a wonderful illustration.

So many times I have tried to do things my way and have found the only way is God's way . His way is perfect.

He knows our thought even before we have them . I also think it is so amazing that He knows how many hairs we have on our head .... Go figure ... How many people there are in the world and He knows. Wow !!!!

We serve a great big God .
But how do we demonstrate our love for God.According to the truth of Gods word.Romans 8:1-2 since i became a believer ive had nothing but condemnation heaped on me by believers to this day even when im not living in sin.Scary to think that God calls and draws people near to Him and there are some who just cant see how God could save such a wretch wether what they believe or think they know is true or not.What God has joined together let not man seperate.And the believer is joined to Christ Jesus just as a husband is joined to His wife.Ephesians 5.Can someone please explain this sterange phenomon to me.Dear Lord please show me.