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Pastor Gary

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Thought for Today

Good Day, Friends; It is officially springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. This is nature's time to renew and replenish the fields, forests and hills with wild flowers and foliage of all types. It is also a very good time for us to renew our commitment to God and to replenish our faith in Him. Just as God created our earth and the beauty that it provides to us, so did He create all of us with the beauty that we have in our hearts as we read and stay in His Word. Please take a little time each day to read the Bible and see the beautiful promise that God has made to us.
God Bless you.


Good word Pastor Gary thanks. Each winter I am reminded of His death and time in the tomb. Each spring I am reminded of the resurrection. Without death there is no resurrection and think quickly become sterile. Death to the old encourages and fertilizes the soil for the new.


Thankyou Pastor Gary,

Yes I too think of renewal when all things become alive again. Spring is a time of refreshing and to focus on the wonderful nature that is God's. I do see signs as I peep into my garden and see the little tulips pushing their way through the soil.

Although today we are expecting another covering of the white stuff , it seems like spring has been pushed back. We still have huge rememders of the cruel winter with all the remaining snow banks, but spring is coming. I hope.

Anyways to focus upon God every day and to be thankful for all He has done in my life is what I want to keep in the forefront of my mind. God is so good, all the time and His mercy endures forever.

I did enjoy Spring in British Columbia the first of the month, so that is a plus.