Thought For Today

[FONT=&quot]We live in a world where people superficially are interconnected on line when they absolutely are disconnected in life.[/FONT]
Amen , Truer words were never spoken and unfortunatelty instead of people connecting with people ( real People ) that is ; it is easier for then to not see , but to put own their every thought and feelings to some one they don't know than to go to a Holy and Living God that we do know and that to me is what I cannot understand .

Mind you not all that connect are like that so I don't want to start some thing here but have been on line now to see a lot of this happening .

They can pour out their probelms to others on line knowing that the person does not know thenm or their situation so in essence I suppose it gives them a sense of .... ' 'there I did it now I feel better " feeling .

If they would only find their real source of strength , hope and support to be our Saviour and Lord , Jesus Christ.