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Pastor Gary

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Senior Moderator
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Thought for Today

Good Day, Friends; During our lifetimes we make many sacrifices; some to family, some to employers and some to friends so they can have something that they could not otherwise have without our sacrifice. It might be sacrificing a weekend of ours to help out babysitting for a family member or it might be sacrificing a pay increase to help the company in times of financial stress. There is another sacrifice that we should all be aware of. That is the sacrifice that our law enforcement and military men and women make for us in order to maintain our safety and our freedoms. The ultimate sacrifice is made by those who are dedicated to looking out for their brethren and when the ultimate sacrifice does occur, we pray for their family members in their time of grieving.
Please pray for all those persons in uniform, both civilian and military, for their safety and security and give them your praise and a sincere "Thank You" when you see them. May God bless.
Amen Pastor Gary. I have utmost respect for our law enforcement and military folks. I pray daily for salvation, saftey and Godly wisdom for each and every one of them.