Thought November 13

Pastor Gary

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Thought November 13

Good Day, Friends; Last week we mentioned that Thanksgiving time (USA) is nearing. This week, we would like to remind all our viewers that it would make low income families feel warm inside knowing that you helped them to feed and take better care of their loved ones this time of the year. Please donate canned goods, packaged foods, gently used clothing and unwrapped new children's toys to the Food Pantry and Help organizations in your community. Please help to make this season special for our friends who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you so much and may God Bless.


Bless you Pastor Gary. We have such an abundance in our countries. I go downtown and help with a Christmas Dinner in Dec. and it is such a blessing.
I have a whole box of nice kids clothes and an almost new warm winter coat. He outgrows them faster than he can wear them out. I just can't wait till he's my size, so I can borrow all his clothes...:israel: