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Pastor Gary

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Thought of the Day

Good Day, Friends; Have you ever been on a road trip, received poor directions from someone and become hopelessly lost? You probably stopped somewhere to get a map and a compass so you could find your way. So it is when we, as God's children, become hopelessly lost in our lives because we start to listen to false instructions. Remember, God is our 'direction' and the Bible is our 'roadmap'. Open up your 'Roadmap' and allow God's directions to 'encompass' your life and take you to your destination. May God Bless.


Oops- I hit the edit button instead of the post reply:p. All I really wanted to say is amen x 3 !
I'll give an amen to that, Pastor Gary! I have always heard that the Bible has the answers to all questions, but I never really believed it until recently.


Amen Pastor Gary.

So simple but sometimes we forget the roadmap and the compass and get engrossed in our own problems and forget that we serve a God that is bigger than all our problems. Trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus , than to trust and obey.