Thoughts to Ponder


Thoughts to Ponder


John 17:4..... I have glorified thee on earth . I have finished the work which thou gave me to do .

Todays Thoughts :

Jesus fullfilled all that God sent Him to do . He did not fulfill what the disciples thought he should do like over throw the Romans . He did not finish what the multitudes espected such as healing more sick, or the lonely and the dying.

But He finished the work that God gave Him to do. When He said " It is finished " , he finished what God sent Him to do .

Same with us . . We are not here to be accepted by the crowd , or to be popular . . God has given each one of us a task while here on earth . God created each one of us in our own unique way . Know then , we need to run the race to complete our task until Jesus comes to take us home.

We are here for the purpose of fullfilling our goal and purpose for our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Awesome post Dusty!

For many years I fought the battle of "what will others think" but learned the hard way that what really matters is "what does God know?"

Thanks for this reminder. I sure needed it today.
I think all of us battle that but the older I get , the more I am not worried about it and we should not be and our focus should be on Jesus and what He thinks .
O.P, that's a good word :)

Thanks ... and God Bless .

InHisLove.... I used to be a people pleaser and got really hurt and upset when people would critisize or not be happy with what I did or said . I am very sensitive and had to ask the Lord to heal me from that . Now it is not that it does not matter but those things people say are not so hurtful any more.
Amen sister well said... and yet we all have our different struggles and other people can sometimes take us away from what God calls us to do.
We must not make the mistake of severing other but to keep our sight on Him who save's us. We should thank God for his faithfulness and love when we step away and head in the wrong direction. For he always finds away of turning us back around and putting us on the right path.