Three Fruit Trees

Three Fruit Trees

I've tasted the fruit from Eden's fair trees, planted and watered and placed here for me.
Juicy and sweet and made of all good, for body and soul they were given as food.
This place all around me is perfect and pure, the Maker's my friend and the world's full of joy.
He loves me and tells me each time that we pace that I am His sweetheart, He shines on my face!
His warmth is my sunlight, His breath is my air and I live in His garden, without any care.

I've tasted the fruit of knowledge's tree. It wasn't as sweet as they said it would be.
It stole away all that the Maker had given and changed forever this life that I'm living.
For it meant that from now on and forever more the world and I would be as if we're at war.
The one I called me was torn from myself, I'd lost all my future, my life and my health.
The creatures around me were no longer good. If only I'd done what I knew that I should.
For the Maker had told me the truth of His Word. When it came to the choice, I ignored what I'd heard.

My name is called Adam, but there's more that I am. I'm all of my children, both women and men.
I've lived life as highest; I've lived life as least, ruled and been ruled by both man and beast.
I've been to the Moon, killed and been killed. Discovered disease and attempted to heal.
I've tried to get back to the peace I once knew, when life in the garden was all that was true.
I've cried in the dark for the life that I've lost, but my Maker's the one that I miss the most.

I've tasted the fruit from Calvary's tree, crushed and torn and broken for me.
The sweetest of sweets that ever I've tasted; yet the most bitter of meals, as scarce could I face it.
For the food that I ate was none other than He who'd made me and taught me and now was to save me.
His blood was the juice that sated sins' thirst; it healed all my wounds and covered my worst.
When I chose to do wrong and gave it away, my Maker's the one who paid for my shame.
He freed me from bonds that had tied me in knots, and made me His own, regardless the cost.

But some who have seen Him and some who have heard have decided that truth is not in His word.
They seek for the fruit, but not for the tree. It's sad that this is the way they would be.
For this fruit can be found on no other branch.
Please, come back to Him now, while you still have a chance.
P.J.H 2004.

(penned after viewing 'The Passion Of The Christ')

It is words that were written for the good. God is all and there is nothing but helplessness and hoplessness without our LORD and this sweet poem explaines that and tells of the sweet love of GOD and the sweet love of JESUS!

Praise HIS name!