Thrift Stores?

Thrift Stores?

I love going to thrift stores for clothes, household items, and holiday decorations and was wondering if anyone else goes to thrift stores as weel.:smiley430:
I like to go to thrift stores for clothes but the one I liked closed down. The neat thing is that every piece of clothing is different so you have great variety. Some thrift shops I like better than others. I like the ones where they organize by size because I don't need to waste my time looking through clothing that I can't wear.
Oh yeah i love them, i love love them. They are so cool and you can find all kinds of neat things. Once i found a out of print music cd that i was looking for for years. Life would be a bit more dull without thrift shops.
I guess the thrift store folk have quite a task sometimes sorting things that can be sold again from those that - no way - can be ...
thats a job indeed. here we have a place called renaissance and their employees are people who need a chance in life: ex prisoner, women from other country, mentally disable, etc


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OOOO I love thrift stores. Especially those upper class folks that can be very generous with what they give away or anybody for that matter, you can find some GREAT stuff for dirt cheap. I go to these stores first before I even go to WalMart LOL
Yes these places employ lots of people. For keep busy work, training, fresh start, ect. God Bless these places.
I would sometimes take the bus to our Salvation Army Thrift Store and browse the merchandise there looking for goodies, yes. But that was a long time ago...
I dislike shopping of all kinds, but shopping the thrift shops was a necessary evil through my 110-pound weight loss. Initially, because I hate shopping so much, I continued to wear the same clothes through my first loss of @ 40 pounds, until my jeans were nearly falling off. It was funny: I finally bought some clothes, wore them to work, and I looked up from my desk to see it surrounded by people with their mouths hanging open. Because I wore the same stuff, no one had realized I was losing weight. We all had a good laugh.

But I bought nice dress-jackets, slacks, and blouses -- very selectively -- so when I lost more weight, and these were hanging off me, I had a hard time relinquishing the things I'd bought, because I liked them! WAAAHHHHHH!

Yes, I took the clothes back to the same thrift shops. Now that I have lost all the weight I dare lose, I am going to get a few new things. I've had some gift cards for quite a few months -- it's just that I really hate shopping . . . !