Tidal Wave to hit England

For me, there ain't nothing more terrifying than a huge wave with my name on it.


I'm terrified of the water, honestly!:(

Dark, deep blue or green water, especially with rocks down there. Whales. Sharks, dolphins, seaweed...

I have no idea why. It just terrifies me something bad, so those pics are like horns blaring in my ears.

I'll be praying for you guys...:)
How often are weather predictions accurate?
Most weather related incidents seem to hit without warning.
Honestly, when they predict rain we get sun as much as not and the other way around!
I can never trust the forecast!
Usually if a surprise storm hits, we already know it by the time they forecast it!

I hear ya there, Violet!;)

On a local TV station, they're saying this is going to be the worst winter in years, because La Nina winters are back.

Ummm...the same station said the same thing last year, and it snowed once (just a dusting). If they keep saying it long enough, eventually they're going to be right, he he he. Then they'll have a special on TV that says: "See, we told you!":D

Grab a bible and trust in the Lord.:cool:
I have this Homer Simpson Christmas ornament...he's coming out of a chimney. You push a button and he says different things...

in one he says: "Dang red lights...turn green nnnnnow! Now! NNnnnnow! Now!"


"It worked!"