Time for Presidents

When Ronald Reagan died and went to heaven, St. Peter invited him into his office for orientation. After some instruction, Reagan noticed many clocks on the wall with the last names of presidents above them. Reagan asked St. Peter, "May I ask, what are all those clocks doing on the wall there?"
Peter replied, "Those clocks measure how many lies are told by every president, one minute for every lie. Twelve o'clock is the starting point."
Reagan sees George Washington's clock and it shows 12:10. Next he sees Abraham Lincoln's clock and it shows 12:15. Franklin Roosevelt's clock shows 1:20.
Reagan then finds his own clock. It shows 1:05. Reagan thinks to himself, "Well, at least I did better than FDR."
Reagan then asks Peter, "Where is Bill Clinton's clock?"
Peter answers, "Moses has it in his mansion, he is using it as a ceiling fan."