Tip: Securing your online accounts with 2FA


Staff member
I might have mentioned this before but I want to re-emphasize the importance of securing your account here or at any other website. Tip1. Please make sure you use different passwords for different websites. Tip2. Also you may have heard of 2 factor authentication or 2FA which is a system that will double lock your account. It makes use of your password and a unique code sent to your mobile phone or email address at the time of logging in. Here at CFS, we have an optional 2FA which you can enable for your account. To do that, point your mouse on your profile photo on top header to bring down a list of options. Goto 'Two-Step Verification' and choose one of the two methods to receive your 2FA code either phone or email. I use Authy app to secure most of my online accounts via my mobile phone. You can also use Google Authenticator app instead.

Below Youtube video may help you understand this better.

Additionally, I also recommend Lastpass to remember your tough unique passwords. All this is optional but highly recommended. Hope you have a great weekend.